hi..can anyone help me...on the "Next" and " previous" button...
whe i click next or previous, i can view the next n previous picture...

my picture name is not is sequence(some of the filename missing)...

now i kept it in a masterList array the filename..so that when i can call it..
the file name been keept as

now im the actionPerforme, i need to code where when i click the button next or previous, it able to view...

this is the code that i try but i dont have any idea how to view the image..

Java Code:
  else if (e.getSource() == jbtNext)
			// for loop to read the picture location
			for(int c=1; c<masterList.length; c++)
				File f = new File ("D:/nita/eclipse workspace/bufferedReader/image" + c + ".gif");
						BufferedImage bufferImage1 =ImageIO.read(f);
						//currentIndex = (currentIndex + 1) % totalNumImage;  //check the non-negative
						//JLabel label = new JLabel(new ImageIcon(image_or_url));

					//imageIcon1 = ImageIO.read(new File("D:/nita/eclipse workspace/bufferedReader/image" + c + ".gif"));
				catch (IOException eee) 
this code for the masterList[]

Java Code:
  	// null value been assign to masterList
		for (int a=0; a<masterList.length; a++)
			masterList[a] = null;
		//2nd array list -- listOfFiles			
		File folder = new File("D:/nita/eclipse workspace/bufferedReader/image");
	    File[] listOfFiles = folder.listFiles();
	    for (int u=0; u<listOfFiles.length; u++)
	    //for the listOfFiles get the filename
	    String aaa = listOfFiles[u].getName();
	    char[] bbb =   aaa.toCharArray(); // turn the name to char
	    //assign 0-3 index 
	    char first = bbb[0];
	    char second = bbb[1];
	    char third = bbb[2];
	    char fourth = bbb[3];
	    //convert form char to string 	    
	    String s1=String.valueOf(first);
	    String s2=String.valueOf(second);
	    String s3=String.valueOf(third);
	    String s4=String.valueOf(fourth);

	    //put all the value of s1-s4 in xxx
	    String y = new String (s1 + s2 + s3 + s4 );

		     //validation for the first letter (only digit allow)
		     if (Character.isLetter(first))
			    	 int yInt = Integer.parseInt(y);   //convert to integer
			    	 //  the int will be your index for the list
			    	 masterList[yInt] = aaa; 
	     }//end of FOR loop
	    //put everything back to masterList ... did not display the null value...
	     for (int h=0; h<masterList.length; h++)
	    	  if (masterList[h] != null)

hope someone can help me