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    Unhappy Runnin a C compiled executable file in java

    Hello i'm trying to run a command line executable file using java but there is no output. On the task manager a conhost process opens when the application is run. i've tried
    1)try {


    } catch (Exception e) {


    2)String[] cmd = { "D:\\test.exe"};
    Process p = Runtime.getRuntime().exec(cmd);

    3)//Runtime.getRuntime().exec("D:\\test.exe", null, new File("D:\\"));

    same thing happens i.e. nothing happens. Please help me

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    Default Re: Runnin a C compiled executable file in java

    Pulled from a recent discussion in this forum.

    When Runtime.exec() won't | JavaWorld

    The JavaTM Tutorials | SSCCE | Java Naming Conventions
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