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Thread: JLabel Array?

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    Default JLabel Array?

    I just started learning Java! I am trying to create an array of JLabels. Is this possible? I cannot seem to get the code right. I plan to have them all display the same icon.

    I tried this code to declare the array, but it is most certainly incorrect:
    Java Code:
    static JLabel[] labelname = new JLabel [20] (imageIconHere);

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    Java Code:
    ImageIcon icon = new ImageIcon(imagePath);
    // allocate array for 20 labels
    JLabel[] labels = new JLabel[20];
    // all elements of this array are null, not instantiated
    // initialize the array by instantiating the elements
    for(int i = 0; i < labels.length; i++) {
        labels[i] = new JLabel(icon);
    // labels are ready to go...

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