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    Question How to Write/Save a Multiple lines of Text to a SVG file

    I am writing to a file coordinates of texts using PathIterator (Java Platform SE 7 ) saved as SVG format i defined the Font attributes using AttributedString (Java Platform SE 7 ) and TextLayout (Java Platform SE 8 ). It is saving to the file and working properly, but it is just writing as a single line of text where is my target is multiple lines of text, i began using LineBreakMeasurer (Java Platform SE 7 ) Class, but some text is removed plus i got single line of text only, where i face the problem that , How to determine the width to get multiple lines of text ? i tried to figure out from this exampleDrawing Multiple Lines of Text (The Java™ Tutorials > 2D Graphics > Working with Text APIs) where is drawing multiple lines of text but i am using getBounds().getWidth() of TextLayout object the code i tried

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    Default Re: How to Write/Save a Multiple lines of Text to a SVG file

    Closing this duplicate as the other one seems to have more info.
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