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    Default Java Errors! Please help!

    Okay, so I'm running an application that requires Java. And I get the same message over, and over. I've searched the internet using Google, refined my searches and still NO solution!

    So I present to you, my error:

    The message(Not exact):

    Java Code:
    Virtual Machine could not be created..
    Press any key to continue. . .
    Again, all the guides, tips etc, that I've viewed on the internet have not solved my ever-lasting problem!

    I've tried to set up my Environmental Variables, but that did not work either.

    I have the latest version of Java.

    I hope to have a reply soon,


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    It sounds as if you are a user of an application and not the programmer of the app. If so, then you probably should go to the site that supports your application.

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    That's new to me.....
    Mr. Fubarable, have you encountered that problem before?

    I would like to know about what are the possible/specific scenarios that might be the cause if that kind of problem persist...

    All i can guess about that kind of problem is if he/she used an application that was compiled by an old java compiler, let say 1.1 then trying to run that application on latest version of JRE... please correct me if that doesn't make any sense at all...

    PS. im not sure about what i've guessed...
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