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    Default Junit test

    Java Code:
    _*A class called HWTime has been designed to hold details of time . The method signature have been designed :*_
    //constructor intialiazs to midnight (00:00)
    Public HWTime ()
    //constructor intialises time to hours and minutes provided 
    Public HWTime (int hours , int mins)
    //the String is supplied in the formal hh:mm
    //eg 09:30,23:07
    Public setTime24(String time)
    //returns the time in minutes since midnight
    //eg.g 09:30 => 9 *60 + 30 = 570
    Public int getTimeInMin()
    //returns the time as string in the format hh:mm
    //eg .09:30,23:07
    Public int getTime24() 
    //_The Question_ 
    //// a) explain how Junit can be used to create a set of test for this class 
    ///My Answer
    public boolean equals(Object otherObject) {	
    MyTime otherDate = (MyTime) otherObject;
        if ( (this.hours == othertime.hours)  
             && (this.mins == otherDate.mins))
    return true;
    return false;
    	/////b) Write Junit Test For this Method
    plz help me to answer this question

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