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    Default Java loop design I guess?

    Basically I have to enter 5 numbers that I put through a loop and they print the star * depending on the number.
    An example would be this 5:*****. However, my codes prints out 5:*; 5 times. How to correct my code

    Java Code:
    import java.util.Scanner; 
    public class IntegerOutput
    public static void main( String args[] ) 
    Scanner input = new Scanner( ); 
    int num1; 
    int num2; 
    int num3; 
    int num4; 
    int num5; 
    System.out.print( "Enter five positive integers, with a single space in between each."); 
    num1 = input.nextInt(); 
    num2 = input.nextInt(); 
    num3 = input.nextInt(); 
    num4 = input.nextInt(); 
    num5 = input.nextInt(); 
    for(int x = 1; x <= num1; x++)
    	System.out.println(num1 +":*");
    for(int x = 1; x <= num2; x++)
    	System.out.println(num2 +":*");
    for(int x = 1; x <= num3; x++)
    	System.out.println(num3 +":*");
    for(int x = 1; x <= num4; x++)
    	System.out.println(num4 +":*");
    for(int x = 1; x <= num5; x++)
    	System.out.println(num5 +":*");

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    Default Re: Java loop design I guess?


    just look at your code:
    you have a for loop and inside the loop you print the num1 and the star.
    If you only want to print the num1: one time, you have to move that outside the loop so that you only print the star inside the loop.


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    Default Re: Java loop design I guess?

    Java Code:
    for(int x = 1; x <= num1; x++)
        System.out.println(num1 +":*");
    Is it really such a big mystery to you why your code is doing that? This code reads in plain English. Instead of focusing on code, bring it back to English.

    - I want to print the number I input once like 'X:'.
    - after that I want to print X stars, where X is the number input

    From the description alone you'll see that you need at least two print statements to get one result line.
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    Default Re: Java loop design I guess?

    And I recommend you review the different types of print methods available in System.out. As you read them a light bulb should go on as to why your program is not printing like you described.

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