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    Question Link objects and calling a variable object's method


    I've been searching quite a while for an answer but seeing as I could not find it, I decided to come here, hoping someone could help me.

    Say I have two classes, Author and Book, and I have 2 author objects and 10 book objects. I would like to know how to do two things:

    1) Make some sort of connection that makes clear that author X wrote books A, B and F.

    2) Call a method from a book object that is connected to an author.

    Seeing as I don't know which books will be connected to an author, is there some way to call a method of an object bases on a variable object name? Something like call the getFirstPage() method for every book that is linked to author X?

    Many thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Link objects and calling a variable object's method

    The Author class can have the author's name and other relevant info. Then author class can also have a list of books the author wrote whch can be added with an addBook method. The book class can have a field with the author's name. When you create a book you can set the authors name. Or you can set the authors name when you add the book to the author class. You need to make certain that no one can change these fields by changing an authors name or adding a book to the incorrect author. That is the tricky part of the exercise.

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    Default Re: Link objects and calling a variable object's method

    If you don't understand my response, don't ignore it, ask a question.

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