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    I am having a bit of difficulty understanding/Using FileWriter. Now by my understanding in the API FileWriter allows to use write at the end of your file, if you have text in there already, correct?

    I have a file with people info in it.
    and I created a GUI which allows people to input that data.

    Java Code:
    File file = new File("People.txt");
    FileWriter fw = new FileWriter(file);
    People p = new People(firstName, lastName, email, sex));
    Now, I keep getting an error on the fw.append(p) Can any one point me to right direction?

    Java Code:
    The method append(CharSequence) in the type Writer is not applicable for the arguments(People)

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    So you're trying to append a person object.

    Basically, the append function is wanting a sequence of characters or a string, and you're giving it p, which is a People, not a string.

    One solution:

    In your People class, add a function that converts the data to a string. Something like this:
    Java Code:
    //up here you have instance variables firstName, lastName, sex, and email which you initialize in your constructor
    public String toString() {
         return this.firstName + " " + this.lastName + ", " + + ", " +;
    Then when you want to append, simply call on that function for the instance so that the file writer has a useable data type (a string) to append to the file

    Java Code:

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    Default Re: FileWriter

    Thank you for reply AlexGral

    Yes, I have all my classes with a toString() method.

    Now, I have another question

    when you append the string, it means its going to "Print" my person object to the end of my "People.txt" file, correct?
    Because now, it deletes everything I had before in there. and by appending, i thought it would save it to the end.

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    Default Re: FileWriter

    The constructor call new FileWriter(file) is opening the file with overriding everything.
    Use new FileWriter(file, true) instead.

    Please read the documentation of FileWriter for all details.


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