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    Default Lost when it comes to the keyword 'this'

    So I am learning Java and I am using the trails and tutorials that they offer. Currently I am on the trail about the keyword 'this'. I am completely stumped as I don't know why they have it and what I should be using it for or when I should use it? It seems like it is a pretty straight forward concept, yet I am still lost.

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    Default Re: Lost when it comes to the keyword 'this'

    "this" is a reference to the instance of the class where it is used. When code needs to pass a reference to the class it is in, use "this" as that reference.
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    Default Re: Lost when it comes to the keyword 'this'

    The 'this' keyword, simply means a reference of the current class instance in which it is used. It is most useful within constructors. What tutorials did you read? I can't explain it any better than here.

    Using the this Keyword (The Java™ Tutorials > Learning the Java Language > Classes and Objects)

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