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    Default how to play youtube video in java application

    Hi everyone~ i need some help ~ i am writing a java application that can play youtube video by given URL. first i tried with JPaneleditor, then now i am trying google youtube api, but maybe api is abit too tough for me.
    any better and easier suggestion ??
    and if youtube api is a good way please help me how to use it...

    ps:i am using netbeans

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    Default Re: how to play youtube video in java application

    It's not going to be straightforward, and you certainly cannot use standard Java classes such as JEditorPane for this as YouTube video playback requires either Flash or HTML 5 Video support. Use an Internet search term such as "display youtube in java" to find further info on this. E.g., I found:

    both of which use code from The DJ project.

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