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    Default Why won't this variable increment!

    I am trying to increment a variable named counterVariable each time it goes through a for enhanced loop. It is stuck on 0. Could someone explain why and how to fix this?
    Java Code:
            for(String[] row : values)
                for(String col : row)
                    int counterVariable = 0;
                    if(col == null)
                        break valuesProcessor;
                    else if(counterVariable == 0)
                        System.out.printf("%s", col);
                    else if(counterVariable == 1)
                        System.out.printf("%10s", col);
                    else if(counterVariable == 2)
                        System.out.printf("%130s", col);
                    else if(counterVariable == 3)
                        System.out.printf("%1330s", col);
                    System.out.print(" ");

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    Default Re: Why won't this variable increment!

    Well, for one thing, you keep resetting it to 0 in the inner loop. And to complicate matters, when you exit the inner loop, the variable goes out of scope.

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