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    Default File and library woes (CLASSPATH, et. al.)

    Hi, all:

    OK, so new to Java (working my way through my first book), and up to now, I've been able to avoid class path issues by writing/building/running all inside IntelliJ. Trying new things (like executing from a command line so I can pipe output into other commands), and I can no longer avoid the CLASSPATH problem. So the crux of the problem is I can't seem to find what I need, when I need it. I'm working on a program reading RSS files using nu.xom 1.2.10. If I place the .jar in the same directory where my .class file sits, I can build the .class file just fine. If I try to execute from the same directory, I get an error:

    rich@toshe45t ~/java/temp $ ls feeds2.rss xom-1.2.10.jar
    rich@toshe45t ~/java/temp $ javac -cp ~/java/temp/xom-1.2.10.jar
    rich@toshe45t ~/java/temp $ java -cp ~/java/temp/xom-1.2.10.jar DomainWriter
    Error: Could not find or load main class DomainWriter
    rich@toshe45t ~/java/temp $ ls
    DomainWriter.class feeds2.rss xom-1.2.10.jar
    rich@toshe45t ~/java/temp $

    When running in IntelliJ, the build and execution work fine. However, when I run the application in IntelliJ, I have a line that creates an XML document:

    Builder builder = new Builder();
    Document doc ="/home/rich/java/ch19/DomainWriter/feeds2.rss");

    and the input file must be specified with a full path name; I can't seem to locate the file any other way (i.e., executig the class with the input file - feeds2.rss - in the same directory as the executable).

    I've done a lot of reading around the web, and it seems every blog, post, etc. recommends *not* using the CLASSPATH environment variable, so I unset that. I found the core files all get loaded OK without explicitly specifying them (this same example app also uses, and no errors compiling from there). Other than that, I'm really struggling with i general, how to find the things I need to execute an app, and could really use some help.


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    Default Re: File and library woes (CLASSPATH, et. al.)

    When you use '-cp' the compiler will only use that classpath to search for dependencies.
    This means it will not search in the current directory.

    So you need to add that in (a '.') to the cp list.
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