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    Unhappy How to avoid NullPointerException?

    Hi! Since i am very new to java, i need a bit of your help.
    I have been playing around with my code, but still have no idea how to avoid NullPointerexception...

    So my program's point is simple, use Jsoup to scrape html of certain webpage, then i search the things i want and print them out.
    Problem is, when scraped html doesnt contain even 1 thing on my search list, i get NullPointerException... i understand why, but i have no idea how to work around it

    Hope you guys can suggest me some methods, heres part of my code:

    Java Code:
                    //Things i need to search from html
                    String[] MySearchArray = new String[]{"138","146","474"};
                            //Search things contained in MySearchArray and print them out
    			for (String Ml : MySearchArray) {
    				Element flights ="tr:contains(%s)", Ml)).first();
    			        Elements flights2 ="td");			
           	                        System.out.println(flights2.get(4).text() + " " + flights2.get(0).text()+ " " + flights2.get(3).text());			 

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    Default Re: How to avoid NullPointerException?

    how to avoid NullPointerexception...
    If a method can return a null value, test the value for null before using it.
    Java Code:
    Object obj = method();  // can return null
    if(obj == null) {            // test the value returned
      // handle null value
    } else {
      // handle non-null
    If you don't understand my response, don't ignore it, ask a question.

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