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Thread: Changing the color of windows

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    Default Changing the color of windows


    In the image, the color of the frame of the window/JFrame is black. My question is that can we set the color of this frame, or is it just provided by the operating system and whatever color is default color of windows in an operating system will appear in our application?

    Note:- I am talking about the frame, the boundary in the JFrame container which contains the close, maximize, and minimize buttons.

    Changing the color of windows-black-window-frsame.jpg

    I know my question must sound very dumb, and I am sorry but I needed to ask this!

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    Default Re: Changing the color of windows


    Your question is not dumb at all and you got the correct ideas.

    The handling of windows is done by the windowing system / operating system. It offers some interfaces that should make it easy for a developer to create applications. The complexity of the frame is normally hidden away. It is also something that is not wanted because it could easily confuse users.

    There might be solutions with jni. But no simple 'Java' way. To have a Java only way, oracle need to build code for all window managers on Linux but there are hundreds ....

    I hope this helped a little bit to clarify this point.

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    Default Re: Changing the color of windows

    It's an L&F (Look and Feel) issue. You can install an L&F for the Swing components and some of those L&Fs are adjustable. Google is your friend here (look for 'Nimbus').

    kind regards,

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