Hello Everyone. So I'm getting an access error denied for my code, from what I can tell by looking at other threads its how I'm saving the output file. I'm using imageJ and to make a macro I have to use java. This is basically an example macro I pulled off the internet. Essentially when I run the plugin "iterative PIV' it outputs a .txt file, and I think when I go to the new loop I try to reuse the filename or something. So if I change the filename for each loop would that work? Also I'm not sure how to do that, I'm only experienced really in matlab.

id0 = getImageID();
slices = nSlices;

Dialog.create("Multi-slice PIV");
Dialog.addNumber("Interrogation window 1", 128);
Dialog.addNumber("search window 1", 256);
Dialog.addNumber("vector spacing 1", 64);
Dialog.addNumber("Interrogation window 2", 64);
Dialog.addNumber("search window 2", 128);
Dialog.addNumber("vector spacing 2", 32);
Dialog.addNumber("Interrogation window 3", 32);
Dialog.addNumber("search window 3", 64);
Dialog.addNumber("vector spacing 3", 16);
Dialog.addNumber("correlation threshold", 0.8);

piv1 = Dialog.getNumber();
sw1 = Dialog.getNumber();
vs1 = Dialog.getNumber();
piv2 = Dialog.getNumber();
sw2 = Dialog.getNumber();
vs2 = Dialog.getNumber();
piv3 = Dialog.getNumber();
sw3 = Dialog.getNumber();
vs3 = Dialog.getNumber();
corr = Dialog.getNumber();
path = getDirectory("Select Output Folder");

run("Duplicate...", "title=[seq_"+s+"] duplicate range="+s+"-"+s+1+"");
run("iterative PIV(Cross-correlation)...", " piv1="+piv1+" sw1="+sw1+" vs1="+vs1+" piv2="+piv2+" sw2="+sw2+" vs2="+vs2+" piv3="+piv3+" sw3="+sw3+" vs3="+vs3+" correlation="+corr+" batch path=["+path+"]");