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Thread: print jpanel or convert to pdf

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    Default print jpanel or convert to pdf

    can anyone tell me how to print a jpanel contents or is there any tool that can save the jpanel contents in pdf.
    i have tired using

    but that not working that gives an error as

    java code : -1074232

    something like that,


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    Default Re: print jpanel or convert to pdf


    could you give the exact code that you tried? printAll needs an argument - what did you supply there?

    If you want to print your frame, then you should:
    Get a PrinterJob through PrinterJob.getPrinterJob();
    Then you can call printerJob.setPrintable(yourForm);
    Then calls to printDialog and print should be done.

    What happens is, that print is called. This is nice so you could use that method to
    - maybe set the background temporarily
    - scale the form so it fits on the page.
    And of course: The call of printAll is done in there to print the form to the given graphics instance.

    You can find examples on the internet. So one hit is java - How to print a JPanel with swing components? - Stack Overflow

    With kind regards,

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