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    Default Adding external archives?

    Hi guys,

    Im pretty new to all this and just had a quick question. Im doing a few Spring tutorials and in eclipse and for each tutorial I have to right click my project, build path, and then add external archives and then select the spring JAR files I want to bring in and use before my project will successfully compile and run. I was just wondering is this required for every project or is there a way I can set eclipse up to look in these locations for every project without me having to explicitly tell it too?

    Thanks for any help I may get.

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    Default Re: Adding external archives?


    I am just wondering what kind of projects you have. I am using the Spring Tool Suite (which is based on eclipse) and when I use these, the project templates for spring is using maven. So all I have to take care of is the Pom.xml file which contains all dependencies. (So when you didn't download some dependencies, on build you are asked if you want them to be downloaded.)

    That simplifies the dependency management in my eyes and seems to be the standard way when working with spring. At least the books that I read about spring always had comments like "add xxxxx to Pom,.xml" when talking about examples or extending them.

    With kind regards,


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