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    Default Difference between application and applet?

    Can anybody explain me difference between applet and application?
    What are differecnes in code? How to write application?
    What are differences in use? I looked for some answers, but I can't understand what they are talking about.
    For example:
    Called as stand-alone application as application can be executed from command prompt
    Requires some third party tool help like a browser to execute
    But... While I export applet in exclipse I can use it without any browser, just like application(as I and avarage user knows it).

    Ok, I understand difference like "Applets cannot read from or write to hard disk files."
    So. What should I use while creating what?
    For example, something as simple as windows calc, some 2d simply platformer, some more expanded app, like idk, spotify or media player or whatever?
    Since after update 51 of java web applets are nearly useless(as I know, maybe I'm wrong?), what is better?
    Can application have GUI or it is only applets thing(stupid question?)?
    Where can I find any application tutorial? Everything that I found was for applets. Why?

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    Default Re: Difference between application and applet?

    See the tutorial for a discussion on applets: Lesson: Java Applets (The Java™ Tutorials > Deployment)
    If you don't understand my response, don't ignore it, ask a question.

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    Default Re: Difference between application and applet?


    a standard Java application simply defines a static main method which then can be started. And a Java application can have a GUI of course. Just check out AWT, Jwing and JavaFX.
    An applet includes a class that extends Applet. To start an applet you need a runtime for it and normaly it is embedded in a webpage.

    And there are a lot of java tutorials that do not cover applets. I don't know why you was unable to find any yourself. I just searched for "Java introduction" and the first hit was
    Introduction to Java programming - Tutorial

    What you should use depends on your requirements. An Java Applet can be nice if you just want to visualize something on a webpage where all data comes from the server.
    But when you just want to learn Java it is not that important. As soon as you want to do some real solutions, you might end with something completly different e.g. building Enterprise Solutions where you generate something that is run by an application server. But you should start slowly and for your first steps you can follow tutorials for simple Java Applications or for Java Applets. It does not make such a big difference. (But I would suggest to stay on the core Java.)

    With kind regards,


    With kind regards,


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    Default Re: Difference between application and applet?

    I already know basics java and applets. I just don't know now how to write application with gui, not applet...
    Here you have something from me:
    How can I write something like this as application, not applet?
    If I would rewrite it as application. What should I do? I have no idea... Because there is nothing clearly anywhere how to make application... Everywhere just Java basics > applets > some advanced things or nothing...

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