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    Exclamation [SOLVED] code organization

    I had another thread about this but i marked it as [SOLVED] since i thought i had it figured out. But it turns out I didn't. I have a project that I'm making with one driver class and many other classes that the driver class will use. So I started out having the driver class as the superclass and the rest subclasses, but then i realised that there is no reason for the subclasses to inherit the driver class as they do not use it. It's the other way around, the driver class uses all the subclasses. Should the driver class be seperate from the class hierarchy and just use them all? I'm confused, please reply.

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    It's depend on your application, the way you want to implement it. Normally why we followed those concepts is to maintain a much better, readable, maintainable code development for future changes.

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