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    Unhappy Java Terminology

    what does it mean to call something from a class?

    and what does a class mean?

    Can someone explain this to me?

    I have coded for a class and read the books, but don't really understand what I did.

    what does it mean to extend something?

    I was hoping that this could be explained dummy style for me.

    Or if there is a site that explains specifically like this.

    "variable is like a box that has to hold numbers, or letters depending on its type."

    This is how I need it to be explained, because I am not understanding
    classes, what they are, and their purpose. I need some sort of relation to
    something that I am familiar with in the everyday world. Can someone help me
    with this please?

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    Think of a class as an object template. For instance a bike. The bike class you make first holds variables and methods that apply to every type of bike. The when you create a new instance of a class you just tell it what you want it to be. Do you want a blue bike? Do you want a bike with gears. Think of a class like this. It takes everybody awhile to figure it all out, but atleast for me it just kind of clicked one day after I played around with them enough.
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    Yes there is a site :). Start here:

    The Java™ Tutorials
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