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Thread: Build a troubleshooting program

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    Default Build a troubleshooting program

    Hey everyone
    I am new here and hope I can find the answer that I am looking for. I have to program a rather basic thing.
    For my work I would like to program a troubleshooting database. We produce switchgears and I would like to make the lives of our service personal a bit easier (and mine because then the probably wouldn’t call me for questions)
    By now we have a huge Paper pile where you never find anything so it would be nice to have a program that asks you questions and guides you through the checklist until you get to the right place.
    For example it starts with the question “do you have power” and the possibility to click YES or NO. If you click NO it shows a message to switch it one. If you click YES it asks you the next question like “is your voltage below 10V” and “is your Voltage between 10 and 100V” and “is your voltage over 1000V” depending of what I click I should get my next questions until I get my answer.
    I know from a programming point of view this is super easy. Did one of you do something similar or knows a place where I could find the code of such a program to copy the GUI and the structure?

    Thanks in advance

    Greetings Pascal

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    Default Re: Build a troubleshooting program

    Actually it is a sort of questionaire and those are generally not THAT easy to do, especially if the answer to one question determines what questions you do and do not get further down the line.

    In any case this is not a google service, you come here to ask help to do it yourself, not to ask where to find code you can copy/paste.
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    Default Re: Build a troubleshooting program

    Sounds like you're asking about decision trees. See Decision trees for an example implementation of a binary decision tree.

    For something like this I'd search the Internet for pre-existing applications (free or otherwise) that'll allow me to set up the node and branches without needing to code each of them.

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    Default Re: Build a troubleshooting program

    Jea I guess Decision tree is what I am looking for cool thanks a lot that makes the search a lot easier. I first thought of doing it as well with an excel, word linking thingy but then I got excited about programming it

    To gimbal2:
    I know that this is not a google service but i still think i doesn't make a lot of sense to reinvent the wheel when someone already did it. And i am sure that even if i find some code there is plenty to do by myself!
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