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    Default Which forum to post?

    I have a doubt regarding how a web page works. I dont know which forum this post should go to. I am referring the article:
    What is a Web Browser | How Web Browser works - EngineersGarage

    The website says:
    Latest Science & Technology Articles
    This URL is divided into three parts. First one is HTTP – it is a protocol named Hyper Text Transfer Protocol which defines the way browser communicates with the server. The second part is EngineersGarage | Inspiring Creations which is translated by the DNS server with the IP address. It is the address of a computer (Web Server) where the requested web page is stored. The third part is ‘articles’ which tells the address of the file that is located in the root folder of the website.

    My question is now suppose I go to the page Latest Science & Technology Articles and then click on a link in that page, will the DNS server be contacted multiple times when I am browsing the pages of that particular website. Also is the DNS server contacted if I give a direct path to some page in the website.?

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    Default Re: Which forum to post?

    I am pretty positive that the IP address is cached by the browser and/or the operating system, so I doubt there will be multiple DNS queries.

    Could you please tell me how this relates to Java?
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