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    Default CoalescedHashMap

    I am attempting to make a CoalescedHashMap<K, V> with internal chaining. It isn't a hard concept, but it needs to extend AbstractSet and implement Map<K, V>.

    Map requires a remove method that returns a V(value). AbstractSet extends Collection, which requires a remove method that returns a boolean value. It gives a syntax error either way it is done. This is a standard homework assignment for a junior level class, so there must be some way to deal with this. It is annoying as we do not need to implement the remove method, it just throws and exception.

    My teacher is pretty much useless for answering questions. The best he can do is to cut-n-paste something from the assignment directions, which are not very detailed.
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    Default Re: CoalescedHashMap

    Please provide a Short, Self Contained, Correct Example that demonstrates the problem.

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