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Thread: ATM Machine - Inner Listener Class

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    Default Re: ATM Machine - Inner Listener Class

    The posted code is currently using it. What problems are you having?
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    Default Re: ATM Machine - Inner Listener Class

    Just use your JPasswordField as a JTextField. Note: JPasswordField deprecates getText(). But JTextField doesn't. In any event
    you can do this:

    JTextField jtf = new JPasswordField(10);

    and still use getText() without the deprecation warnings. You will then use getText() instead of getPassword. When you do a setText(), your password
    will be "hidden" from view. For each event of JButton you want to prepend the typed digit to the current password.

    Note: You must read the API's and also try some stuff out. That is how I was able to provide this help. I have probably told you too much already
    since this is a class assignment. So please take the time to read and understand all of this.

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    Default Re: ATM Machine - Inner Listener Class

    Thank you guys very much. You guys are the only ones I can have a conversation with about this stuff, since its an online course... I appreciate all the spoon feeding and I think I can proceed from here ( at least on this assignment ). I know you guys don't like to be so forthcoming about the solution, so I thank you Jim --- learning a programming lang is extremely frustrating at times.

    Until next time!

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    Default Re: ATM Machine - Inner Listener Class

    Quote Originally Posted by javaStooge View Post
    I appreciate all the spoon feeding

    SSSSHT! Quiet down.

    Spoonfeeding is exactly what we do NOT do in this forum. Spoonfeeders get fed to Jos's rotating knives machine just like spammers...
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