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    Default Making this code more efficient...

    So I've been reviewing my assignments from last semester and the one thing I wish the TA would have done is provided his solution to the assignments. My program works but it's not clear to me how efficient the code really is. This was the assignment...


    And this was is my code...

    I understand the code is lengthy so not sure what to expect in terms of help but figured I'd give it a try.

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    Default Re: Making this code more efficient...


    One thing I saw:
    The borders are always empty so there is no reason to check these when doing a comparison or checking in isempty.

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    Default Re: Making this code more efficient...

    Also: only living cells and cells next to a living cell have the opportunity to change in the next generation; you only need to check those cells (which is the minority in normal circumstances). A naive implementation that uses (and checks) all cells in a matrix, will be much slower than a set of coordinates of 'living' cells.

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