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    Question Grid System and Tilt?

    I am making a RTS game in Pure Java, and no libraries.

    So pretty much I want a constructor like so
    Java Code:
    new Grid(40, 40)
    That will create a 40x40 grid of a certain size per cell.
    Then I would like to fill the empty cells, and also be able to place things on top of them.

    Also, I would like a tilt similar to Clash of Clans.

    How do I do this?

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    Default Re: Grid System and Tilt?

    So you pretty much know absolutely no Java at all then? Because otherwise you would know how to at least start this.

    I also think you're confusing Java with Flash or something, its not primarily designed to do graphics stuff (although JavaFX can help) so its not like there are built-in ways to do what you want to do. Either use libraries to provide you with higher level forms of graphics drawing such as isometric drawing support as you seek, or you'll have to stick to the low level stuff in the JDK and build everything yourself.

    Or perhaps you are confusing Java with Javascript?
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    Default Re: Grid System and Tilt?

    If this is about creating a game, check out this: Spring RTS Engine.
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    Default Re: Grid System and Tilt?

    Interesting... why no libraries? For the View (UI) part, I think you can use Java 2D transforms to get the tilted effect. See also AffineTransform (Java Platform SE 7 ). You'd probably want to have a Model to go with this to allow you to set up the Model (e.g., grid size) to effect the rendering in the View, i.e., MVC.

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