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    Default Reverse Engineering of Uml diagrams from java code

    Hello Sir,
    Can you please help me out in my assignment, its about writing a java code which will convert a input java code to its respective class diagram, object, sequence , use case and activity diagram. I have worked only on restructuring of input java code till now and still I have lots to do.Please help me out. I'm looking forward for a reply expecting at least one code generating at least one UML diagram.
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    Default Re: Reverse Engineering of Uml diagrams from java code

    This look awfully similar to this:

    You are expecting the wrong thing. Nobody will make you anything. Download the sourcecode here: Java UML Generator (JUG) | Free Development software downloads at and go study that.
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    Default Re: Reverse Engineering of Uml diagrams from java code

    It is, this is just a repost of a previous thread.
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