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    Default Converting Range Statements to Sets in Java

    I am trying to Extract the ranges of Variables from a Text File. I extracted lines of the forms X in 1..10 Y in 12..50 Z in 0..19 / 66/ 95..100 Where X in 1 ..10 states that X takes values from set 1 to 10 Similarly for Y and for Z its a Union of different ranges of the values (0 to 19, union 66,union 95 to 100)

    I want to Map these Variables to their respective sets using Hashmap where Key is Variable name and value will be a Set. My Hashmap Signature is HashMap> hm=new HashMap>();

    Java Code:
                        String []s=line.split(" ");
                        String range=s[2];
                         System.out.println("Range =" + range);
                        //hm.put(s[0], S);
    I am stuck at extracting the variables ranges from these plain strings. Can anyone help me here with their expertise?

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    Default Re: Converting Range Statements to Sets in Java

    Please post the code you are having problems with and the contents of the file that the code is reading.
    Be sure to wrap the code in code tags:

    to get highlighting and preserve formatting.
    If you don't understand my response, don't ignore it, ask a question.

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