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    Default My java teacher sucks I need help

    Hello I just started my first java class in college, well really my first programming class since High school true basic. But I made one mistake I'm doing it online and my teacher is no help at all actually he doesn't teach at all he just sends us slides along with a project, test and writing assessment. And now we are on chapter 7 multidimensional array. And we have to do two project and one of them is completely over my head and somewhat confusing to me so I'm asking for your help I'm sure some of you have seen this assessment before while taking intro to java. And I found what I thing to be the complete code of the assessment online but I don't just want to copy and paste it I actually want to know what's happening step by step so that I can understand the code.

    The assessment

    (Financial tsunami) Banks lend money to each other. In tough economic times, if a bank goes bankrupt, it may not be able to pay back the loan. A bank’s total assets are its current balance plus its loans to other banks. The diagram in Figure 1 shows five banks. The bank’s current balances are 25, 125, 175, 75, and 181 million dollars, respectively. The directed edge from node 1 to node 2 indicates that bank 1 lends 40 million dollars to bank 2.
    If a bank’s total assets are under a certain limit, the bank is unsafe. The money it borrowed cannot be returned to the lender, and the lender cannot count the loan in its total assets. Consequently, the lender may also be unsafe, if its total assets are under the limit. Write a program to find all unsafe banks. Your program reads the input as follows. It first reads two integers n and limit, where n indicates the number of banks and limit is the minimum total assets for keeping a bank safe. It then reads n lines that describe the information for n banks with IDs from 0 to n-1.
    The first number in the line is the bank’s balance, the second number indicates the number of banks that borrowed money from the bank, and the rest are pairs of two numbers. Each pair describes a borrower. The first number in the pair is the borrower’s ID and the second is the amount borrowed. For example, the input for the five banks in Figure 1 is as follows (note that the limit is 201):
    5 201
    25 2 1 100.5 4 320.5
    125 2 2 40 3 85
    175 2 0 125 3 75
    75 1 0 125
    181 1 2 125

    The total asset of bank 3 is (75 + 125), which is under 201, so bank 3 is unsafe. After bank 3 becomes unsafe, the total assets of bank 1 fall below (125 + 40). Thus, bank 1 is also unsafe. The output of the program should be
    Unsafe banks are 3 1
    (Hint: Use a two-dimensional array borrowers to represent loans. borrowers[i][j] indicates the loan that bank i loans to bank j. Once bank j becomes unsafe, borrows[i][j] should be set to 0.)
    Figure 1 – Banks lend money to each other
    100.5 85 75
    25 125
    320.5 125 40 75
    181 125 175

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    Default Re: My java teacher sucks I need help

    Just a tip: take all the emotional junk out of your post if you want to get help. Just ask a reasonable question and complain to your family about how life is unfair.
    "Syntactic sugar causes cancer of the semicolon." -- Alan Perlis

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    Default Re: My java teacher sucks I need help

    If you don't understand my response, don't ignore it, ask a question.

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