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    Default Read/Write from specific line

    Hello guys!I have a question for the read and write method in file.
    In my code for writing i m using PrintWriter and for reading Scanner.
    So i m saving data to file and when is need it i m reading from the file.
    but i also have to delete specific data from it.

    Is there a way to delete a specific line from the file?
    When i google my problem i found that is better to save your data to temporary
    file and then to the final.Why this method is better?


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    Default Re: Read/Write from specific line

    You can use a LineNumberReader. That will tell you the line number that you're on. Or you can count them manually. Or you can parse the line looking for something specific. All depends on the criteria of which line is to be found.

    To delete a line you would have to write all the other lines to a temp file and move that back to the original file. You can't modify a file while you're reading it.
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    Default Re: Read/Write from specific line

    To read a specific line, if the lines are all the same length, you can use simple arithmetic to seek directly to the line you want. If they're different lengths, you have to either maintain an index or start at the beginning and count lines to find the one you want.

    To delete a line, you have to rewrite the file starting from that line. The reason for saving to a temporary file is that if something goes wrong during the write, your original file is still intact. If you write the temp file, delete the original, and then rename the temp file to the original, a valid version of your file exists on disk at every step.
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