Hello. i was wondering how I can start making a hashtable. I am new the topic .
I want to store linked lists into an array. I was wondering if this basic skeleton is correct.

Java Code:
public class HashTable<K,V>(){

private static class Entry {

		privateObject key;
		private Object data;

		public Entry() {
			this.key = null;
			this.data = null;

		public Entry(Object key, Object data) {
			this.key = key;
			this.data = data;

		public Object getData() {
			return data;

		public Object getKey() {
			return key;
		public void getVal() {
	               return data;


	private final int defaultSize = 12;
	private Object buckets[] = new Object[ defaultSize ];
	private int numElements = 0;
        public HashTable(){

        buckets = new Object[defaultSize];

      put method 
      get method
      find element method