I am just going to show some code, the problem is very straight forward...

Java Code:
buffer.add("Gathering Data...");
                    URL url2 = new URL(getCodeBase(), "http://www.example.com");
                    String line;
                    buffer.add("Gathering Data....");
                    InputStream in = url2.openStream(); //Hangs on this line...
                    buffer.add("Gathering Data.... Hung?");
                    BufferedReader br2 = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(in));
'buffer' is just an arraylist I use to update text in the graphic portion of the applet.

Basically, the program hangs at the line requesting URL#openStream. It never makes it to the line 'buffer.add("Gathering Data.... Hung?");' But the odd part about it, is, it works in netbeans, but not anywhere else, including local and web testing. Any help? Thanks...