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    Default What does setting an object equal to another do?

    I've seen this done in code:
    for example,
    Java Code:
    BufferedImageOp op = new ConvolveOp()
    what does this mean? Is it creating an object of convolveOP for the BufferedImage class?

    What does it mean when you set an object from one class equal to another?


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    Default Re: What does setting an object equal to another do?

    BufferedImageOp op = new ConvolveOp();

    The GREEN part defines a variable that can have the address of a BufferedImageOp object
    The BLUE part creates a new instance of a ConvolveOp() object and returns its address
    The RED part assigns the value on the right to the variable on the left of the =

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    Default Re: What does setting an object equal to another do?

    Did you check out the API documentation?

    BufferedImageOP is an interface.
    ConvolveOP is a class that implements the interface.
    So it is perfectly valid to assign an instance of ConvolveOp to any one of its implemented interface types.

    In this case, it is BufferedImageOP.

    This is no different that assigning an instance of ArrayList<T> to a type of List<T>.

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