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Thread: Java arrays

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    Default Java arrays

    Hi Guys,
    I need to create a method that returns a new array containing the componentwise sum of its arguments(if length is the same). For instance, if the input arrays are {0,1, 2} and {2, 2, 3} then the output is {0+2, 1+2, 2+3}, i.e. {2,3,5}.If the input arrays have different numbers of elements, the method should return null.

    I came with something like this, however i dont know how to make a copy of an array from two arrays. My code obviously wont compile. Have you got any idea how to solve this? Many thanks

    package whatever;

    import java.util.Arrays;

    public class hhhh {

    public static void main(String[] args) {
    double [] a = {1,2,3};
    double [] b = {2,3,4};


    public static double [] sum(double [] a, double [] b)
    double [] sum;
    for(int i= 0; i<a.length; i ++)

    if (a.length == b.length)
    { sum = Arrays.copyOf(a, a.length);
    return sum;
    {return null;}

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    Default Re: Java arrays

    Why all the fiddling in the body of your for-loop? I'd use the following control flow in that method:

    1) check if the lenghts of a and b are the same; if not, return null
    2) create an array 'sum' of the same length.
    3) add the corresponding elements of a and b and store them in sum
    4) return sum after the previous steps are done.

    kind regards,

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