I have developed a audio library uos (United Openlib of Sound) :

That library link the best open-source libraries : SoundTouch, PortAudio, SndFile and Mpg123.

All that libraries are dynamically loaded by uos.

With uos you can:
. Listen to mp3, ogg, wav, flac,... audio files.
. With 16, 32 or float 32 bit resolution.
. Record all types of input into file.
. Add DSP effects and filters, however many you want and record it.
. Listen to multiple inputs and outputs.

That library is compiled with fpc (free pascal compiler).
I have a Pascal header to link to that library and want to translate that pascal header into java header.
How must i do ?

Also all advices how to do the library perfectly accessible for java programmers are welcome.

Many thanks.