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    Default java authentication script for ios

    I am making a messenger app using mobile nation, the authentication widget is blocked because im not premium. I have set a text box that says username and password then a login and register button, the register button opens a url to a register page on a xxamp server i have. I made the site with wordpress, so in the mysql database it has wp_users. So when they press the login button id like it to select the username and password entered and run the java script to send that information to the xampp server to authenticate. Can anyone makr me a simple code for that? Or if that is difficult maybe a java script so they may register and it sends it to a java server then they may login

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    Default Re: java authentication script for ios

    Sounds like a JavaScript question. JavaScript is not Java.
    Get in the habit of using standard Java naming conventions!

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    Default Re: java authentication script for ios

    Can anyone makr me a simple code for that?

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