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    Default Reading in string with "s, \s, and 's


    String s = "this isn't a normal problem - it's a bit "weird," to say the least\most";

    How would I get my program to read this as all one string.

    BEFORE YOU TELL ME TO USE AN ESCAPE CHARACTER, the input is going to be long - 10000 characters+, and will be coming from a text file.

    I need a non-manual way to do it.

    Of course, the first thing that came to mind was simply searching through the string until I find a "weird" character and adding a \ in front of it- but I can't do that, if it isn't even seen as a string!

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    Default Re: Reading in string with "s, \s, and 's

    How would I get my program to read this as all one string.
    Read the bytes into a byte array and convert that to a String.
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    Default Re: Reading in string with "s, \s, and 's

    You could also use FileReader. But whatever method you use I suggest you use StringBuilder whenever possible. It is a mutable class and is much more efficient than String when making changes to sequences of characters.

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