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    Default List only appends one item

    Node inside a linkedlist
    SomeInterface has an
    Java Code:
    method that should add a node at the end of the list
    Java Code:
    public sizeCount=0;
    public LinkedList<T> implements SomeInterface<T>{protected class Node<T>{
    		privateT data;
    		private Node<T> head,tail;
    		protected Node(T data,Node<T>tail){;head=null;this.tail=tail;}
    		private T getInfo(){return;}
    		private void setTail(Node<T>newTail){this.tail=newTail;}
    		private void setLink(Node<T>newHead){this.head=newHead;}
    		private Node<T> getLink(){return tail;}
    public void addLast(){
    }//end of LinkedList<T> class
    when I create a LinkedList object (
    Java Code:
    LinkedList<String>somelist=new LinkedList<T>()
    ) and try to append multiple items (
    Java Code:
    ) only the last item/string gets appended to the list. Any reason why?

    Also, here's the
    Java Code:
    Java Code:
    append(E thing){
    if(thing==null){throw new InvalidInputException();}
            topNode=new Node<E>(thing,null);
            sizeCount++;return this;}
        if(topNode.tail==null){topNode.tail=new Node<E>(thing,null);return this;}
        else{topNode=topNode.tail;append(thing);return this;}
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    Default Re: List only appends one item

    Please edit your post and wrap your code with code tags:
    to get highlighting and preserve formatting.

    Also the code needs to reformatted. There should only be one statement per line.
    There should not be code on the same line as a }
    If you don't understand my response, don't ignore it, ask a question.

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