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    Default make apostrophe differable in an sql request

    hi evrybody,
    I want to execute an sql request in java.the probleme is that the text i want to insert contains apostrophs.
    Are there any solution to make this apostrophs differable.
    Java Code:
    insert into declencheur values('POST-QUERY','DÉTAILS_ARTICLES','D:\projet2\DÉTAILS_ARTICLES.fmb',[B]
    'if:parameter.P_ART is not null then:ARTICLE.NUM_ART:=:parameter.P_ART;else call_form('D:\projet2\DÉTAILS_ARTICLES');end if;'[/B])

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    you can try using the '\'

    example if you use \' the java compiler will look to it as a normalized '. You can also use \\ for normalized \ and \" for " as a normal text.
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