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    Default Driver for lockable coin class

    im having trouble creating a driver for the following program. im new to creating interfaces and i need to make this work. i jus need a push in the right direction, so any help is appreciated. thanks in advance

    Lockable interface:
    Java Code:
    public interface Lockable {
    	  boolean locked();
    	  public void setKey(int key);
    	  public void lock(int key);
    	  public void unlock(int key);
    Coin class:
    Java Code:
    public class Coin implements Lockable {
    	 private boolean locked;     
    	 private int key ;       
    	 public Coin(){         
    		 locked = false;        
    		 key = 0 ;     
    	 public boolean locked(){         
    		 return locked ;     
    	 public void setKey(int key){         
    		 this.key = key ;     
    	 public void unlock(int key){         
    		 if(this.key == key){            
    			 locked = false ;         
    	 public void lock(int key){         
    		 if(this.key == key){             
    			 locked = true ;         
    	 public void messageReturn(){        
    		 if(locked == false) 
    			System.out.println("unlocked") ;

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    Default Re: Driver for lockable coin class

    Start with a main() method that creates an instance of Coin and calls the functions on that instance. Do the functions do what you expect them to do?
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