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    Default JXDatePicker - Have you used it? (Please help if you can!!)

    Stemming off a previous post of mine in a way although I thought this was better suited in a new one.

    I have an assignment for school in which I must create a program for hotel reservations. I'm struggling with how to approach the arrival and departure dates. I emailed my instructor as I couldn't locate a component similar to DatePicker in C# (basically a pop-up calendar), and her reply was I could "make my own" calendar. That seems excessive to me and difficult in Java. That said, unless anyone else has ideas out there, I may just go ahead and use the JXDatePicker. So ...

    Where do I find this? When I try to access it alone in my program it prompts to create a method, trying to import (org.jdesktop.swingx.JXDatePicker) does not work either. I believe this is an add-on, but how? From my search, I thought I could download it from link 1 below, although I don't see an option to do so.

    Any clarity to this issue would be more than appreciated.

    2. Relating post on another forum

    Edit: Ahhh. This appears to be an add-on for Netbeans. I'm not using any sort of interface tool, everything is coded manually. I'll still accept tips (please :), I'm still very much frozen here)!
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