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    Default Document Comparison / Proof Reading


    Very vague post - so my apologies for this, but time is limited right now as at work.

    Been looking for an excuse to delve into Java, but never really had a valid need to do this...

    So - working on some new document composition tasks today, and realised my life would be made easier if I could have an application to allow me to compare two documents and highlight the differences...I know I could use a number of other tools, even word compare but it would be more fun if I could do it myself. Plus - there's the thrill of using non-approved technology at my workplace...I'm a maverick.

    Just looking for the high level steps I should go through in creating an application which could be delivered to users in my team as an executable file (I have admin rights to my works laptop, but my direct reports do not have this on theirs) so would need to be able to run the app without installing if possible...

    Plus if anyone has experience of such a project, pointers would be excellent - I guess similar applications in the commercial market might include things like docuproof...I dont want to copy an existing app and I dont need to do anything too fancy right now...I want it to be simple. Compare two documents, accounting for line spacing differences etc. Maybe I'd even throw in a grammar and spell checking function too...

    Thanks for your time

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    Default Re: Document Comparison / Proof Reading

    Well... first you need to actually learn Java and do some less complicated projects. Until you do that, any further discussion is moot.
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    Default Re: Document Comparison / Proof Reading

    Finding the first mismatch is easy. Resynching the compare after that is quite difficult.
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