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    Default Karel the robot - CS106A stanford course (on you tube :P) general question

    Hey everyone :)! (sorry if my english is a bit broken ^_^)
    I was wondering...
    Almost in every karel program I write, I get to this point when karel should turnOff(); because he has reached the goal of the excercise (but the public void run() is far from over)
    for example: in the excercise finding middle point ( in an X:X world (number of avenues = number of streets) karel is in 1:1 facing east

    so theres a very long program to achieve the goal when its a 3:3 world or higher

    but lets say i have a 1:1 world:
    public void run() {
    if (frontIsBlocked()) {
    "rest of the program"

    The thing is the stanford version does not have a turnOff(); method...and they never say its a valid way to do things.
    my question is:

    1) Why cant I turnOff karel in the middle if he achieved his goal?
    2) does "knowing how to reach the end of the proggram and only then turning him off" is a better way of doing things? (to me it seems a lot harder and messy)
    3) Is there another way to tell karel: "good job, you did it, you dont need to continue and run the rest of the program?

    Hope i made my question clear : )
    Thank you for taking the time to read my question!
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