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    Default Very new to java, need a little guidance with a Project (percentage question)

    Hi, and thank you for helping/looking at this in advanced.

    I'm trying to code an if-else statement where I need to find the percentage discount on an item without hardcoding it.

    double Item1=30.50;
    double Item2=40.50;
    double discount=.07;

    These are the values I have. Basically I just need an explanation of how to code a statement so I receive the calculated discount of a Full or Compact. Sorry If I explained this poorly.

    Here is the excerpt from the code, I can copy the whole code in too if needed.

    Java Code:
           System.out.println("You selected Item1.");
                              System.out.print("Have coupon? [Y or N]");
                              answer =;
                    if (answer.equalsIgnoreCase("n"))
                           System.out.print("Price is 30.50 per day.");
                    if (answer.equalsIgnoreCase("y"))	  
    	              >This is what I'm looking for<

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    Default Re: Very new to java, need a little guidance with a Project (percentage question)

    I mean, if I understand what you're saying, you may just be over thinking this.

    Not "hard-coding" it simply would mean not doing the calculations yourself and printing out "Price is 27.49" or whatever.

    All you would need to do is print out "Price is " + ( calculations here )" per day."

    That is the whole idea of not "hard-coding" - so that you can later go in, change your discount to .09 or something, and get an updated result automatically.

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