Sorry if I ruffled any feathers; I wasn't feeling well when I posted. I *do* appreciate all the help and advice. I'm currently in the process of reading a book on Java, going through chapter by chapter with examples, so I can learn it -- just as I learned VB years ago. As far as VB being easy (at least by comparison), it is; everything I've done here was very, very straightforward in VB.NET. The reason I'm here is that my program consumed so much memory that it was dirt slow; I couldn't play the game without getting exasperated. Java seems to have a much easier relationship with graphics than VB does, at least in handling; most of the games I've seen online are programmed in Java. So, I thought I'd give it a try.

As far as cutting & pasting, I have a VERY bad habit of doing this. However, I've found, traditionally, that I can read through a working piece of code and deduce what each part DOES. I therefore have learned more from programs I've copied off the net than I have from books - at least, thus far. It worked for me when I was working in VB.NET, and it worked for me when I taught myself PHP coding. I thought this wouldn't be too different.

Well, I was wrong; the structure has to be learned first. Oh, well. I'll pick it up. Right now, I'm excited, because I have the first window of my program up & running EXACTLY the way I want it; there's lots left to do in porting over the original code before this specific window is done - and before I move on to the next one - but I'm progressing.

Thanks again.