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    Default Help with Problem

    Hey guys,

    I'm new with java and am taking a class in which we have to complete 2 problems I am having some trouble with. The problems are meant to be relatively basic and use very introductory methods.


    Create an application that
    • Creates 4 students
    o Build upon the solutions of the previous labs (e.g., using and
    o You will need a version of that has a working whatsup( ) method
    • Creates a group
    o First you have to design the new Java class called group
    • A group has a name
    • A group has 4 students
    • Create a method in that
    o displays the group name and the name of each student in the group
    • in
    o using a method in
    o from, display information about what the third student in the group (not the student in the app) is up to now.
    o For instance: “John” is “doing Java”
    o Pay attention, you have to use a method in
    o Start by creating a class called group with only one attribute, GROUP_NAME
    o Make it work, using the app to display only the group name
    o Then you think how to add the students to the group (this is tricky…, but that’s what you have to learn with this lab)

    -We are just beginning to use dot notation


    Based on the solution for lab 3
    create an application that displays the participation of a group.

    Participation of a group is the sum of all the students participation. Participation is an int number that varies from 1 to 10.
    - 1 meaning very little participation
    - 10 meaning great participation

    For instance, when the method is called we may have student member #1 John with a participation of 3, student #2 Mary with a participation of 10 and student #3 Fred with a participation of 5, which will give a participation of (3 + 10 + 5 = 18)
    Student’s participation should be calculated as a random number (in a similar fashion of whatsUp()).

    Suggested roadmap:
    • You will need a new method called participation in
    • Start by copying the whatsUp method in to create a participation method in
    • Make the necessary adjustments for it to return a number (it can be an int number from 1 to 10)
    • Then work on a participation method on gathering participation from each student in the group
    • In the create students and create a group (from previous labs and assignments), and then display the group participation

    Any help you guys may be able to provide would be immensely appreciated.


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    Default Re: Help with Problem


    Do you have a question or you came here expecting anyone would do the homework for you?

    What have you done so far?

    By the way the assignment itself is doing a lot of spoonfeeding already, if you are paying any attention to the course you should be able to complete it.

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