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    Default Create a Working Java Archive

    So I have my code written and know it runs in the IDE. Can any one give me tips on creating the project with a IDE even though I can not make a jar in CMD. I would like to do it in Eclipse but I had trouble finding my JDK and I have NetBeans Installed now. So any handy tips for creating a copy of my project from my IDE at the current state as my code is stable. I was looking at the online Eclipse and thought wow if I could use that to make my Jar file I would be really happy any one see this online IDE does it have the save features as the other Eclipse where it will create a working jar better then NetBeans?

    Thanks for your time just want to get a good IDE that has some error fixing so I can make the jar that works. I have had bad luck with the CMD and NetBeans CMD is to picky and NetBeans has less features then I remember. Please Help


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    Default Re: Create a Working Java Archive

    In Netbeans, go to File>New Project, then select the Java category and click on Java Application. Type in a name and location for this project and deselect 'Create Main Class', then click 'Finish'. From there, you will have to drag your .java files into the project you have just made. After you do that, hit 'Shift+11', this will Clean and Build your project. To find the .jar, go to "/path/to/project/dist/". Be aware, if the program has no GUI (a.k.a command line), you will have to run the JAR from the command prompt anyway.
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