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    Default Label refresh function does not work with acm package

    Hello. I'm trying to setup a function that takes input from a user and prints it onto a label and updates it per entry. The updating would occur through removing the old label and then adding a label with the updated value. The text would be center-aligned. While I'm able to get the label to print the current value of "entry", it does so without removing the label with the old value. I was wondering how I would be able to correct this issue? I tried reversing the add(label) and remove(label) to see if there is a syntax error with remove, and I determined from the label not being there at all that remove was called correctly. I have kept the loop infinite for debugging purposes to work with various test cases as they come to me. Any help is much appreciated.

    Java Code:
    import acm.program.*;
    public class testCanvas extends ConsoleProgram {
        public void run()
            GCanvas canvas = new GCanvas();
            String entry ="";
                entry += readLine("Give me a word: ");
                if(entry=="") break;
                GLabel label = new GLabel(entry);
                label.setFont("Times New Roman-24");
                // remove old label and immediately update it with 
                // label with current value for "entry"

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    Default Re: Label refresh function does not work with acm package

    Instead of removing and adding the label back, can you just set the text of the label to a different String?

    In Swing, you could do the following:


    I imagine that you could do a similar thing in ACM.

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