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Thread: String to ints?

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    Default String to ints?

    Anyone can help?

    public Date(String s) {


    such that

    it will return

    in short Date("a/b/c")
    return (a,b,c)
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    Default Re: String to ints?

    I am not sure how the given Strings will work out as a Date, but if you are looking at replacing / with , then the String class has methods for it. Hint: the name of the method resembles the word "replace".
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    Default Re: String to ints?

    Well, first off, you should brush up on Java syntax. Date won't return anything because it is apparently a constructor for a class Date.

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    Default Re: String to ints?

    Yes, this isn't an actual int to string problem.

    To answer your actual question:

    Assuming that you were given a string that has a date, such as "2/5/2014," the way to break it up is called tokenizing.

    Here is the syntax:
    Java Code:
    String[] tokens = stringname.split("splitby");
    where "stringname" should be replaced by the name of your string, and "splitby" should be replaced by where you want to "cut."

    It is a handy command if, you example, you have a sentence and you want to break it into words.
    It'll make "You are a lost dog" into a string array = {"You","are","a","lost","dog"}, removing the spaces.
    Then there is Integer.parseInt(str), which will convert the string to an int.

    Here is how you should apply it.

    Java Code:
      public static int[] dateToken(String inputDate) {
        String[] tokenDate = inputDate.split("/");
        int[] dateNum = new int[tokenDate.length];
        for(int i = 0; i < dateNum.length; i++) {
          dateNum[i] =  Integer.parseInt(tokenDate[i]);
        return dateNum;
    Java Code:
    will return an int array with three numbers - {2,5,2013}.
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